Salesman Vacancy Riyadh

These POEA recruitment agency of East Transglobal Manpower Consultants Inc are looking 1 Salesman applicants for Riyadh vacancy.If you think you qualified for this job openings, just visit the agency address stated below now.

* – Can participate in the daily preparation of ice cream and other menu items as per the international procedures and standards.
* – Can ensure the hight visibility and proper products displays and merchandising.
* – Can provide customers with all needed supplies and advance level of services.
* – Can watch out and reports the level of items’s stock with the store.
* – Can maintain the cleanliness of the the store all the times.

* Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma in any field.
* At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
* Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Sales – Retail/General or equivalent. Job role in Others or equivalent.
* 1 Full-Time positions available.

Telephone Numbers: 5262356/5267214/5266091
Email Address: NA
Website: NA
Official Representative: NANNETT M. BASUEL
Status: Valid License
License Validity: 2/5/2009 to 2/5/2013

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One Response to Salesman Vacancy Riyadh

  1. Marcelo Flores says:

    Dear Ma’am,
    Good day to you I’ am applying for a salesman.
    Kindly review my resume. if i am qualified for the position.
    Thank you very much and GOD BLESS!!!

    Marcelo D. Flores

    Block 14 lot Block 11-A1 Pla Pla street

    teachers village, malabon city. Philippines

    Telephone/Mobile : 0538336258

    E-mail address:


    Is to show my ability as a good meeting in the administrative

    .Show the ability not only to managing people too as the items

    related to such aspects of work,properly and securely

    .keep each work group, have solidarity with each task and be

    responsible for everything.

    .Be honest at every opportunity.


    .Secondary School from LBHS-Loob-bunga High school 1995

    .BSIT- Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2004( 3yrs)

    Claro M. Recto Manila


    .Supervisory and Management / Laundry
    studied, analyze all types of textile , chemicals and

    machine operation.
    .Business operations and handling of employees

    Cainta Rizal-2000

    .Waitering/Bartending Maya kitchen Culinary Arts School

    Makati Philippines-2002
    .Study about table settings, napkin foldings, decoration and food

    preparation (food and beverages).

    Technical Skills and Expertise:

    .Computer Literate / Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint


    1996-Management Trainee at Triple E- General Merchandiser at

    Conception sampaloc manila.

    .Studied how to handle business-related to buy and sell, Plans,Budgets,

    Supplies and Orders,Dealing with customer negotiations.

    1997 to 1999- Waiter at Jaka Cafe year at Pasong tamo Makati city

    .As a waiter became responsible activities and demonstrated good

    behavior with customers. I was alongside the canteen supervisor in

    activities related to supervision.

    2000-Merchandiser-Mercury drug six Branches in manila

    Green cross Product

    . As a merchandiser, I have the following responsibilities.

    Arrangement and Product display, Cleaning areas, Audit, Stocks

    I handle six branches of mercury drugs in parts of manila,i rotate it

    within a day.

    2000 to 2003 -Laundry supervisor- Master Laundry Care at Cainta Rizal

    .My responsibility is to perform a duty to supervise the activities of the

    worker and teach them the proper techniques of using the chemicals and

    machines. .To protect the items owned by a customer. and serve well and

    with pleasure for them.

    2003 2009 -Sales / Marketing Assistant Product Designer- Iraya Craft at
    Supplier of SM Supermarket-first bigest

    supermarket in the philippines
    Malabon city

    .Become creative in every task, talked contact the agencies related to


    .Develop strategies on how businesses grow and encourage consumers.

    2009-2012 Chef/Supervisor/Decorator at KABBANI TRADING

    CENTER/Kabbani Sweets P.o Box 911411 Riyadh Saudi


    Chef/Supervisor/Salesman Decorator- work in the fields of food /


    .Became a decorator for catering services/ Cakes, Special preparations

    for all

    the menus for catering. Alongside for Catering Supervision..Assigned to

    supervise in the kitchen, maintaining cleanliness. support analysis


    such as expiration dates of the stocks and food safety.

    In a few years serving in different companies,I further learned the

    operation of different kind of business like dealing, negotiations, strategy

    and plans. Handling the budget and labors.I was fearless and strong in

    any challenge of the season.

    Member of:

    Better Globe Marketing Inc.

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